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No matter whether you want to spend your short vacation here, you are on a business trip or you are making a stopover on your bike or motorcycle trip: We warmly welcome you. Book your room now!

History of the house

Full of tradition since 1769

Hotel Zittauer Hof history

Over 250 years of history are hidden in the historic building in which the Hotel Zittauer Hof has been located since 2006.

Used as a restaurant since 1869, the restaurant developed into the old stock exchange by the First World War. It was then renamed to a farmer’s tavern and, during the GDR era, to the Munich court. A full 16 years after the fall of the Wall, a hotel opened above the restaurant, which was taken over in 2016 by the current owner, Ronny Überschär.
It is also historically interesting that Christian Gottlieb Prieber once lived above the guest rooms – an astonishing son of Upper Lusatia, who left Zittau for America in 1735 in order to found a paradise without property and without racial and class barriers in what was then Indian country. Right next to the ESSBAR a memorial plaque bears witness to him. In the 2016 Zittau Prieber year, the owner of the hotel answered so many questions, especially from foreign guests, for example from the USA.

Your stay in Zittau's center

Let yourself be infected by the historical flair of Zittau’s city center and spend your stay in one of the oldest buildings in the city. Book your room now!


Get to know our staff

Hotel Zittauer Hof About us

Ronny Überschär

Owner of the Zittauer Hof

Hotel Zittauer Hof About us

André Kirchner

Chef of the Edible

Hotel Zittauer Hof About us

Roy Hackenschmidt


Hotel Zittauer Hof About us

Cornelia Noack

Restaurant / hotel manager

Hotel Zittauer Hof About us

Gundula Lipowski

Restaurant / hotel manager

Location and possibilities

Central in the center of Zittau

Right in the heart of Zittau – the ideal location to explore the city and its sights, or to drive into the mountains

Zittau is alive! And that also for you as a visitor to the city. There are numerous sights around the Zittauer Hof, such as the salt house, the Lenten towels, the historic fountains, the small train and of course the many exhibitions that keep enriching Zittau’s cultural life with new ideas.
If you want to explore the city and the surrounding area or the Zittau Mountains by bike, you will find a rental company in the immediate vicinity who will equip you with the right “vehicle” for your tour.

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